Flash Over (2023)

Overall: Flash Over is a Chinese Action, Movie (2023). Flash Over cast: Du Jiang, Wang Qian Yuan, Tong Li Ya. Flash Over Release Date: 28 April 2023. Flash Over.

Flash Over Detail

Movie: Flash Over (2023)
Main Stars: Du Jiang, Wang Qian Yuan, Tong Li Ya
Genres: Action, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 April 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Jing Tian Jiu Yuan , Flashover, 惊天救援, Flash Over 2023

Flash Over Synopsis and Plot Summary

It recounts salvage colleagues answering a significant debacle because of a seismic tremor.

An unexpected seismic tremor has raised a ruckus around town Guancheng Region Substance Modern Park to set off pipeline breaks and blasts. Thick smoke surges in the midst of bursting fire as catastrophe quickly raises. On the off chance that it isn’t held back, the whole city will before long be annihilated to the ground… Confronted with the serious trial of saving individuals as well as battling the fire, all individuals from the fire salvage station prepare right away, hurrying to the hardest-hit regions in a test of skill and endurance.

Flash Over Cast

Du Jiang as Han Kai

Wang Qian Yuan as Zhao Ying Qi

Tong Li Ya as Ye Xin

Han Xue as Zhang Hong

Yu Hao Ming as Liu Zi Tao

Elvis Han as Xiao Wu

Kenan Sheng as Niu Niu

Ge Wang as Wang Wen Bin

Yin Xiao Tian as Support Role

Gallen Lo as Sun Yang

Sophie Su as Yuan Ping

Ding Hai Feng as Support Role

Hu Jun as Support Role

Jiang Meng Jie as Support Role

Zheng Zhong Yu as Wang Zhi Gang

Chun Kit Chang as Ma Bo Ru

Aaron Sun as Support Role

Ma Yao Yao as Support Role

Zhu Jun Zheng as Xiao Teng

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