First Sword of Wudang (2020)

Overall: First Sword of Wudang is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). First Sword of Wudang cast: Yu Le Yi, Chai Bi Yun, Sun Jia Yu. First Sword of Wudang Release Date: 13 April 2021. First Sword of Wudang Episodes: 42.

First Sword of Wudang Detail

Drama: First Sword of Wudang (2021)
Network: CCTV
Main Stars: Yu Le Yi, Chai Bi Yun, Sun Jia Yu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 13 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 13 April 2021
Aired On: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Wudang YiJian, 武当一剑, First Sword of Wudang 2021

First Sword of Wudang Synopsis and Plot Summary

During the late Ming tradition, when the country confronted adversaries remotely and inside, the youthful legend Geng Yu Jing found that his introduction to the world guardians’ demise was because of a scheme that trapped the military world. As he left on an excursion of self-revelation heading out back to his origin at Northeast wildernesses of China, he revealed dull insider facts of the past, discovered warm companionship and sentiment yet in addition distress and hostility. These undertakings, in the end, formed him to turned into the legend known as the ‘Primary Sword of Wudang’.

Credited as the pioneer of present-day Wuxia in the twentieth century, Liang Yu Sheng composed Wudang YiJian (First Sword of Wudang) as his last work before retirement. For a very long time, his last show-stopper has never been adjusted to screen, as of recently.

First Sword of Wudang Cast

Yu Le Yi as Geng Yu Jing / Lan Yu Jing
Chai Bi Yun as Zheng Qiao’er
Sun Jia Yu as Lan Shui Ling
Song Jia Lun as Ge Zhenjun
Ma Xiao Wei as Wu Xiang
Dan Si Han as Mou Yi Yu
Yvonne Yung as Chang Wu Niang
Theresa Fu as He Yuyan Yu Jing’s mother
Wang De Shun as Taoist Master Wu Ji
Fa Zhi Yuan as Support Role
Jiang Hong Bo as Ximen Furen / Lady Ximen
Ren Qing An as Cui Ying Yuan
Wei Li Si as Geng Jing Shi
Lin Yi Ting as Ximen Yan, Princess of Kunlun Mountain
Zhang Ya Kun as Hui Ke
Bodi as Zhan Wang
Liu Ren He as Guest Role

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