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Feng Xiao Gang Plot

Feng Xiao Group is a Chinese Movie Chief, Entertainer and Essayist. The child of a school teacher and a plant nurture, he enlisted in Beijing Military District Craftsmanship Group as a phase creator after secondary school. He started his film fill in as a craftsmanship architect in Beijing TV Workmanship Center in 1985. Afterward, he continued on to compose screenplays. During this period, he worked intimately with chief Zheng Xiao Long and author Wang Shuo.

In the last part of the 1990s, Feng secured himself in a classification called “Hesui Pian (贺岁片)”, or “New Year’s Festival Movies” in Chinese film. He presumably accomplished his full notoriety as the overseer of the film The Fantasy Processing plant (1997). Having made progress despite contest from Hollywood inside central area China, College of Minnesota teacher, Jason McGrath, accepts “The diversion film of Feng Xiaogang addresses another model of a Chinese public film that positions itself opposite Hollywood.”

Feng is famous for making comedies in the Beijing tongue. Practically each of his movies star Ge You (葛优) in a significant job of some sort or another. Lately he has created some distance from exclusively making satire movies to coordinating a couple of show or period dramatization motion pictures.
He wedded entertainer Xu Fan in 1999.


First Name: Xiao Gang
Native Name: 冯小刚
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: 1958
Age: 65
Height: 1.77 m


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