Feng Wu Yan Hua (2024)

Feng Wu Yan Hua is a Chinese Comedy, Drama (2024). Feng Wu Yan Hua cast: Dai Gao Zheng, Si Yue, Wang Xu Dong. Feng Wu Yan Hua Release Date: 2024. Feng Wu Yan Hua Episodes: 24.

Feng Wu Yan Hua Detail

Drama: Feng Wu Yan Hua (2024)
Main Stars: Dai Gao Zheng, Si Yue, Wang Xu Dong
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: 風武雁華, 风武雁华, Feng Wu Yan Hua 2024

Feng Wu Yan Hua Synopsis and Plot Summary

The time came when Xie Mingyuan, the “leader of the martial arts world” was looking to wed his sole daughter Xie Tianba who was the “most beautiful woman in the martial arts world”, to the “flatterer” Ning Yuanhou as concubine. Xie Tianba retreated from her home with rage and hoped to go into the world of martial arts on her own.

It was her first experience in the world of martial arts and she was completely ignorant of the world below the mountains. She was introduced to Mo Haoran, the leader of the Fengyu Pavilion, who saved her from a stressful situation. Xie Tianba, who inherited her mother’s Yaowang Valley legacy, saw in a flash the fact that Mo Haoran was poisoned by the mysterious poison Galanxiang.

To show her gratitude and empathy She repeatedly assisted Mo Haoran relieve the pain of poison and the two eventually began to fall in love with each the other. The day that the pious gathered to fight their fellow members of the Demon Cult, Xie Tianba discovered that her father wasn’t the head of the martial arts community and was instead the eminent villain, the head of the Demon Cult.

In order to defend Yanhua Mountain, Xie Tianba joined forces with the martial arts team to gather details, however Mo Haoran took advantage of her trust and led innocent people to assault Yanhua Mountain.

Feng Wu Yan Hua Cast

Si Yue as Xie Tian Ba

Dai Gao Zheng as Mo Hao Ran

Cheng Mu Xuan as Support Role

Wang Xu Dong as Support Role

Cao Tian Kai as Support Role

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