Fantastic Doctors (2023)

Fantastic Doctors is a Chinese Drama (2023). Fantastic Doctors cast: Zhang Wan Yi, Zheng Yun Long, Lu Xiao Lin. Fantastic Doctors Release Date: 17 November 2023. Fantastic Doctors Episodes: 16.

Fantastic Doctors Detail

Drama: Fantastic Doctors (2023)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Lu Chuan
Main Stars: Zhang Wan Yi, Zheng Yun Long, Lu Xiao Lin
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 17 November 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 17 November 2023-15 December 2023
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Fei Fan Yi Zhe , Extraordinary Medic, 非凡医者, Fantastic Doctors 2023

Fantastic Doctors Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jiang Le Zhi is a medical school graduate who has “Asperger’s Syndrome”.

He is smarter, however he isn’t very good at communicating.

When he arrived at Songjia Hospital to work in surgery, he didn’t focus on human emotions and the proper expressions.

While taking care of his patients, the doctor was frequently dismissed and criticized by relatives and patients which led members of the committee at hospitals to doubt his qualifications as a physician.

Jiang Le Zhi has to be able to prove himself during the screening period prior to being able to work in the surgery.

During this time the dean of the hospital Lu provided him with a thorough instruction.

His associates Shen Tong and Ruan Yun Duo also assisted him in different angles.

Jiang Le Zhi continues to improve his empathy, acquire the art of communicating with others, and giving the fullest effort to his medical skills, collaborate with colleagues, helped patients suffering from different ailments and then finally gained his trust from the hospitals. becoming an outstanding attending physician, and won the respect and respect of Ruan Yun Duo.

Fantastic Doctors Cast

Zhang Wan Yi as Chen Hui

Zheng Yun Long as He Tong

Lu Xiao Lin as Bai Chun

Jiang Pei Yao as Yuan Ye

Liu Xiao Hai as Liu Zhen Wei

Feng Lei as Jiang Xu Feng

Wang Zhi Fei as Pan Wen Bin

David Wang as Support Role

Yang Hao Yu as Wang Kai

Liu Mu as Ma Lan

Amber Song as Zhang Ke Ai

Zhao Shu Zhen as Mother Wang

Ma Su as Guest Role

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