Family on the Go 3 (2021)

Overall: Family on the Go 3 is a Chinese Drama (2021). Family on the Go 3 cast: Zhang Lu, Gu Xuan, Liu Pei Qi. Family on the Go 3 Release Date: 3 May 2021. Family on the Go 3 Episodes: 36.

Family on the Go 3 Detail

Drama: Family on the Go 3 (2021)
Network: CCTV
Main Stars: Zhang Lu, Gu Xuan, Liu Pei Qi
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 3 May 2021
Season: 3
Aired: 3 May 2021-13 May 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Wen Zhou San Jia Ren, 温州三家人, Family on the Go 3 2021

Family on the Go 3 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Through the opposition and improvement of business people Xiang Cheng Hui, Lin Yi Shan, Yang Bu Zhen and their relatives, this show mirrors that they keep on being at the bleeding edge of change and opening up under the foundation of the new typical.

They began a contention and settled calmly on the area of the new base. Around then, Tsinghua “undergrad young lady” Zhang Lu came to Wenzhou for examination and realize that Xiang Cheng Hui and Lin Yi Shan were both “going out” and making leap forwards in the new energy industry. , I at long last hitched Lin Yi Shan. Yang Bu Zhen’s style city project raised a ruckus on the Web. Albeit the spouse who turned into a star had a virus battle with him, he actually delighted in it.

Xiang Cheng Hui’s child Xiang, Container Xiao Yong and Ireland established the online business “Pin Shanggu”. Yang Tian Zhen and Lin Dan Feng established the “Red Wine Palace” and experienced exciting bends in the road. The Web generosity projects they run draw in a many individuals, and their close to home life is likewise striking.

Three business visionaries set up confidential banks, and there were many waves. Their relatives, Xiang and others, ended up gathering the focal government’s full help for the Web. Yet again it was unequivocally this open door that Xiang jumping all over the chance, and the new age of Wenzhou individuals went to the very front of the times.

Family on the Go 3 Cast

Zhang Lu as Ye Zi Fan
Gu Xuan as Lin Zhi Xia
Liu Pei Qi as Lin Yi Shan
Wu Gang as Ye Qian Kun
Mao Yi as Pan Xiao Yong
Isabelle Wang as Ceng Zhi Qiu
Tao Hui Min as Huang Yun Mei
Li Ming Zhu as Main Role

Other Cast

Chen Yue as Li Cheng Ren

Qiao Xin Feng as Support Role

Alberto Lancellotti as Support Role

Tang Qi Rong as Vice President Cao

Liu Tian Yao as Yang Tian Zhen

Wang Chun as Yu Ke Ren

Tian Feng as Zhu Da Ke

Li Jing Yao as Ma Yue Yue

Chang Rong as Lin Yi Feng

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