Fall in You (2024)

Fall in You is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Fall in You cast: Fan Zhi Xin, Daisy Li, Gu Lan Di. Fall in You Release Date: 2024. Fall in You Episodes: 30. The story is about a love between a vagrant girl and a uncle.

Fall in You Detail

Drama: Fall in You (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Cheng Ming Ko
Main Stars: Fan Zhi Xin, Daisy Li, Gu Lan Di
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Shen Xian, Zai Shuo Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni, 再说一次我爱你, 再說一次我愛你, 身陷, Fall in You 2024

Fall in You Synopsis and Plot Summary

Qiao Yan is a wanderer young lady who has the ability to tell details about her parents’ passing. She is enthralled by her beloved Aunt Gu Jing Yuan. Gu Jing Yuan doesn’t have blood ties.

She’s ready to protect the group in secret to keep but she’s at risk of becoming a victim. After partition, they worked out that the group was always a snarling and a defensive support to their loved ones and their companions deeply.

In the aftermath of being weighed down by the death of their loved ones, they eventually get together to get rid of the chaos and fall in love with each other before reuniting.

Fall in You Cast

Fan Zhi Xin as Gu Jing Yuan

Cai Xin Yang as Lin Ze

Li Yi Tong as Lu Wan Qing

Gu Lan Di as Qin Zi Yu

Daisy Li as Qiao Yan

Wu Chun Yi as Support Role

Wang Ting as Support Role

You Li Ping as Guest Role

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