Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9

Fake It Till You Make It is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9 cast: Elvira Cai, Elvis Han, Zhang Jia Shuo. Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9 Release Date: 31 August 2023. Fake It Till You Make It Total Episodes: 14.

Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tang Ying is a junior lawyer working at a legal firm based in Shanghai. The work at the firm has put her in contact with a man in her 20s named Xu Zi Quan.

Someone who has developed secret affection for her. However, things aren’t flowing well with Tang Ying: Her co-workers are trying to sway her to leave the company.

It gets more complicated when her parents arrive in Shanghai and are ready to press her to marry. In the meantime, a wealthy older man called Ma Qi Yuan has fallen for Tang Ying.

With her parents moving into the town Tang Ying realizes that she must think fast in order to avoid getting them involved in her life.

Xu Zi Quan also secretly is hoping to make a move to make sure that Ma Qi Yuan isn’t successful in his quest to find Tang Ying. She along with Xu Zi Quan hatch a strategy.

They decide to make it appear as if they be engaged, believing that this will be a way to please her parents. Initially, this strategy appears to be successful, as Xu Zi Quan proves to be extremely caring and compassionate towards the family of Tang Ying. But trouble isn’t too long away.

Unknown secrets about Xu Zi Qan’s personal family history are about to come out. His love towards Tang Ying are genuine, but he’s not willing to cause harm to her. Do Cupid discover a way to keep them in love – or do they have a chance to meet?

Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 9
Network: Mango TV
Main Stars: Elvira Cai, Elvis Han, Zhang Jia Shuo
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 August 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 14
Episode Number: 9
Also Known As: Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9 Season 1, 装腔启示录

Fake It Till You Make It Episode 9 Cast

Elvira Cai as Tang Ying

Elvis Han as Xu Zi Quan

Ni Hong Jie as Liu Mei Ling

Geng Le as Ma Qi Yuan

Victor Huang as Huang Wei De

Jeremy Qu as Zhang Yi Wen

Liu Chao as Cheng Ke

Ding Nan as Support Role

Zhao Xuan as Support Role

Zhang Hao Zhe as Support Role

Zhang Hao Yue as Support Role

Qiang Yu as Support Role

Wu Li Peng as Support Role

Wang Ting as Support Role

Peng Yang as Support Role

Chen Wei Dong as Support Role

Jiang Shi Meng as Da Wang

Li Yuan as Wang Yu Su

Dai Yun Fan as Xu Jia Bai

Bao Shang En as Lin Xin Zi

Zhang Jia Shuo as Xia Tian

Tao Yi Xi as Tang Ying \ Young

He Huan as Brother Lei

Qiao Xin Feng as Liu Mei Ling’s husband

Liang Bao Ling as Mo Li

Liu Rui Qiao as Mi Xie Er

Qin Yu as Mao Mao

Cui Bao Yue as Lu Sen

Pan Jun Tong as Chen Mo

Chai Juan Zhe as Lang Wen

Pang Yi Xin as Yun Xiao Xu

Hong Jia Ning as Lin Shu Ting

Xiang Yi Zheng as Chen Si

Li Yun as Ai Mi

Baater Liu as Guo Yu

Gan Yun Chen as Brother Hu

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