Faithful Episode 8

Faithful is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2023). Faithful Episode 8 cast: Janice Wu, Hu Yi Xuan, Li Jia Hang. Faithful Episode 8 Release Date: 17 September 2023. Faithful Total Episodes: 25.

Faithful Episode 8 Synopsis and Plot Summary

A young lady known as Ru Lan Ru Lan, who put her image on the line in order to vent her frustrations, died in the midst of nothing.

Nine years on, individuals that are inextricably connected with the Ru Lan investigation come together for a variety of reasons and begin a tale of vengeance.

In spite of her friend Meng Wan’s concerns the young Lin Lan put her reputation at risk to take on Wu Lian who is the mastermind of Xiu Liu.

After a number of failed attempt, Ru Lan, who discovers that there is no one where she can voice her concerns eventually commits suicide to be sure of her innocence.

Meng Wan sabotages her time until seven years later, and gathers nine others to pursue the justice she deserves for her former friend. Through the process the struggle of a girl who was lost in time gradually come to light.

Faithful Episode 8 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 8
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Janice Wu, Hu Yi Xuan, Li Jia Hang
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 17 September 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 25
Episode Number: 8
Also Known As: Faithful Episode 8 Preview, 九义人, Faithful Episode 8 Season 1, Faithful Epi 8

Faithful Episode 8 Detail

Janice Wu as Meng Wan

Li Jia Hang as Liu Xin

Hu Yi Xuan as Lin Ru Lan

Qiao Zhen Yu as Wu Lian

Bai Shu as Li Chun Feng

Zhang Kang Le as Shen Mu

Han Ye Zhou as Fung Da

Tan Yan Yan as Support Role

Huang Rong as Chen Mo Mo

Tang Jing Mei as Liu San Niang

Yang Yu Tong as Tian Xiao Ling

Sheren Tang as Mrs. Ning Guo Gong

Hai Lu as Huang Jiao Jiao

Hou Chang Rong as Guest Role

Zhang Dou Dou as Zhang Rong Er

Han Yu Chen as Guest Role

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