Eternal Love (2022)

Overall: Eternal Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Eternal Love cast: Yu Shu Xin, Dylan Wang, Xu Hai Qiao. Eternal Love Release Date: 31 March 2022. Eternal Love Episodes: 36.

Eternal Love Detail

Drama: Eternal Love (2022)
Director: Yi Zheng
Writer: Cao Xiao Tian
Main Stars: Yu Shu Xin, Dylan Wang, Xu Hai Qiao
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 March 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Mo Zun , Chong Laan Kyut , Mo Jeun , 魔尊 , 蒼蘭訣 , Parting of Orchid and Demon king , Cang Lan Jue, 苍兰诀, Eternal Love 2022

Eternal Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

An immortal lady from the Po Xin tribe had her tribe vanquished by the Demon Lord, Dong Fang Qing Cang. She turned into reborn 10000 years later as a lowly immortal of the Heavenly Tribe, Xiao Lan Hua (Little Orchid). Lan Hua unknowingly revived Dong Fang Qing Cang, her mortal enemy, who turned into trapped within the Hao Tian Tower. In order to regain his freedom, Dong Fang Qing Cang wants to sacrifice Xiao Lan Hua’s immortal soul to unharness the curse positioned on his frame. In the process, the heartless demon falls for the gentle and cute younger fairy.

Eternal Love Cast

Yu Shu Xin as Xiao Lan Hua
Dylan Wang as Dongfang Qingcang
Xu Hai Qiao as Rong Hao
Cristy Guo as Chi Di Nu Zi
Zhang Ling He as Chang Heng
Charles Lin as Shang Que
Wang Yue Yi as Dan Yin
Cheng Zi as Die Yi Butterfly Yi
Hong Xiao as Jie Li
Zhang Chen Xiao as Yi Feng
Li Yi Tong as Si Ming
Chen Ruo Xuan as Guest Role

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