Dr. Tang (2022)

Overall: Dr. Tang is a Chinese Drama (2022). Dr. Tang cast: Qin Lan, Wei Da Xun, Gao Lu. Dr. Tang Release Date: 25 June 2022. Dr. Tang Episodes: 36.

Dr. Tang Detail

Drama: Dr. Tang (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Wen De Guang
Main Stars: Qin Lan, Wei Da Xun, Gao Lu
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 June 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 25 June 2022-10 July 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Everything About Doctor Tang , Guan Yu Tang Yi Sheng De Yi Qie,关于唐医生的一切, Dr. Tang 2022

Dr. Tang Synopsis and Plot Summary

A girl general practitioner who has practiced remedy abroad for many years returns to China. She is appointed because the director of the Heart Center of Ankang Hospital in which she establishes a essential illness crew and heads the project to develop artificial hearts domestically. Most human beings could not take delivery of that Tang Jia Yu has pop out of nowhere to turn out to be their boss. Nonetheless, she continues on proving herself thru a series of difficult operations to triumph over her subordinates one after the other. As the leader healthcare professional, Jia Yu has come to increase a good rapport with anesthesiologist Ye Yi Ming from the commonly that they’ve worked collectively on the running desk. In the meantime, the operation for the primary patient to get hold of an synthetic coronary heart turns out to be a failure.

The surprising return of Jia Yu’s ex-husband has averted Jia Yu and Yi Ming’s relationship from taking a step similarly. A inspiration for a cooperation with foreign system producers is brought up again, consequently pulling the plug on the R&D for synthetic hearts.

After experiencing double troughs in her profession and love existence, Jia Yu has no preference but to tour some distance to areas with excessive occurrence of congenital coronary heart disorder. Through each operation, she step by step regains her love for surgical procedure and the self belief to go back to the health facility.

Dr. Tang Cast

Qin Lan as Tang Jia Yu
Wei Da Xun as Ye Yi Ming
Gao Lu as Ouyang Yang Zhen Yu
Huang Jue as Liu Yang
David Wang as Zhao Jin An
Xuan Yan as Jiang Bai Lie
Kim Jin as Long Xiang Dong
Ning Wen Tong as Qin Daz Hong
Zhang Xiang as Zhou Da
Qu Gao Wei as Liao Xiao Bo
Peng Yang as Wu Min Min
Jia Jing Hui as Wang Hai Ming
Mikan Ryu as Li Ying
Yang Zi Hua as Song Bao De
Zhang Wen as Ye Yi Lan
Wang Ce as Cui Zheng Qiang

Liu Yi Jun as Gu Ying Xiong
Xi Mei Juan as Zheng Mei Tang
Heidi Wang as You Hai Li
Liang Dan Ni as Kong Wan Ru
Yang Ruo Xi as Mother Luo
Hao Ping as Ye Zhen Jiang
Jiang Zi Xin as Yu Meng
Bai Zhi Di as Xue Zheng Lun
Zhang Ding Han as Zhou Lin
Zhao Cheng Shun as Chen Xiao Yu’s grandpa
Fan Chun Xia as Shi Li
Li Xiao Yan as Zhou Shu Zhen
Augusta Xu-Holland as Wang Xue Chun
Mou Xing as Wang Yue
Shi Yu as Father Yuan
Fang Xiao Li as Mother Yuan
Guan Xuan as Xu Guo Qiang
Zhang Lu as Ou Yang Zhen Yu’s mother
Ma Yue as Xu Ming Zhu
Qiao Jun Da as Lu Xiao
Ju Ke Er as Luo Yong Shi
Zhang Tian Ying as Yu Qian
Song Yuan Fu as Chen Zhou
Cui Bao Yue as Xu Jiang Yue
Ben Wang as Yang Rui
Zhang Bo Zhi as Wu Xiao Bing
Yu Bo Lin as Dong Li
Guo Jia Nan as Wang Guang
Jiang Han as Zhao Xue Wu
Xue Yi Lun as Qian Shou Yi
Natas Asoka as Ding Zhi Peng
Jin Tian Yu as Zhao Yang
Hu Chang Lin as Wei Chao Yang
Zhang Zhi Kun as Chen Wei Sheng
Zhang Xin as Lin Mei Yu
Yang Xiao Dan as Lin Shuang Hua
Chen Si Tong as Zhong Xiao Xing
Qin Xue as Li Ping
Qu Yue as Xu Mi
Zhao Run Nan as Zha Xi Da Wa
Geng Yi Zhan as Pang Wei
Xie Yan Feng as Sun Xin

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