Death Notice (2023)

Overall: Death Notice is a Chinese Mystery, Movie (2023). Death Notice cast: Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Julian Cheung. Death Notice Release Date: 2023. Death Notice.

Death Notice Detail

Movie: Death Notice (2023)
Director: Herman Yau
Main Stars: Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Julian Cheung
Genres: Mystery, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: 死亡通知单 , 死亡通知单:暗黑者 , 死亡通知单暗黑者:首部曲“双雄会” , 暗杀风暴, 死亡通知单之暗黑者, Death Notice 2023

Death Notice Synopsis and Plot Summary

Passing notification expressing when and how he will kill a casualty. Regardless of whether the casualty reports it to the police and gets insurance, Hazier can without much of a stretch leap forward and execute them.

A decade prior, Hazier organized a puzzling blast of Mang Wan, the sweetheart of police investigator Luo Fei, with the main survivor and witness being Wong Siu Ping, a vagrant whose was injured and his face was seriously scorched and deformed thus. More obscure returns again in the current conveying passing notification and executing fierce and severe disciplines, provoking the police to a go head to head with an unfathomable connivance behind.

Death Notice Cast

Louis Koo as Yuan Zhi Bang

Francis Ng as Han Hao

Julian Cheung as Luo Fei

Myolie Wu as Meng Yun Luo Fei’s fiance

Chrissie Chau as Liang Yin

Raymond Chiu as Support Role

Charmaine Sheh as Han Shao Hong

Simon Yam as Zeng Sir

Ray Lui as Deng Hua

Babyjohn Choi as Unknown

Kenny Wong as Unknown

Justin Cheung as Unknown

Bryant Mak as Unknown

Pakho Chau as Unknown

Helena Law as Unknown

Philip Keung as Unknown

Timmy Hung as Unknown

Danny Chan as Unknown

Tony Ho as Unknown

Catherine Chau as Unknown

Death Notice Trailer

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