China Special Forces (2022)

Overall: China Special Forces is a Chinese Action, Military, Drama (2022). China Special Forces cast: Yang Yang, Li Yi Tong, Jiang Lu Xia. China Special Forces Release Date: December 5 April 2022. China Special Forces Episodes: 45.

China Special Forces Detail

Drama: China Special Forces (2022)
Director: Xu Ji Zhou
Writer: Feng Ji
Main Stars: Yang Yang, Li Yi Tong, Jiang Lu Xia
Genres: Action, Military
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 April 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 45
Also Known As: 特种兵 , Te Zhan Rong Yao , 中国特种兵之特别有种 , Tèzhǒng zhōngguó tèzhǒng bùduì , Glory of Special Forces, 特战荣耀,China Special Forces 2022

China Special Forces Synopsis and Plot Summary

A coming-of-age story follows Yan Po Yue, a younger man who’s wonderful at the entirety yet remains a loner that doesn’t suit well with the crew. After surviving harsh training and tough missions, he turns into a right soldier who fights along his comrades.

Yan Po Yue comes from a circle of relatives of infantrymen. With something to show to his father, he applies for navy school at the onset of the gaokao examinations. During the assembly for brand new recruits, Yan Po Yue can provide awesome outcomes but fails to win the prefer of his advanced. He is despatched to become a part of the cooking crew which turns out to be a place full of humans with a hidden expertise.

Yan Po Yue joins the choice for a special pressure inside the military with most effective his very own success in mind. However, he realizes that he’s still lacking in many approaches and thru the help of his comrades, he starts to become the soldier that he has always aspired to be.

China Special Forces Cast

Yang Yang as Yan Po Yue
Li Yi Tong as Ai Qian Xue
Jiang Lu Xia as Guo Xiao Xiao
Meng A Sai as Xiao Yun Jie
Liu Shuo as Lu Tu
Gao Xin as Qin Feng
Jiang Long as Lu Xiao Tian
Zhao Zhen Yu as Yue Kong
Tao Lu Yiran as Bai Hao
Ye Qi Shan as Chen Min Tao
Hu Yi as Cao Ben
Guo Ming Yu as Bai Long
Liang Jia Tong as Yan Po Yue Young

China Special Forces Trailer

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