Brave Wuju (2022)

Overall: Brave Wuju is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2022). Brave Wuju cast: Andy Zhang, Hai Yi Tian, Roger Kwok. Brave Wuju Release Date: 1 September 2022. Brave Wuju Episodes: 42.

Brave Wuju Detail

Drama: Brave Wuju (2022)
Network: Dragon TV
Director: Clarence Fok
Main Stars: Andy Zhang, Hai Yi Tian, Roger Kwok
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 September 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 1 September 2022-25 September 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 42
Also Known As: Yong Zhe Wu Ju , Brave Without Fear, 勇者无惧, Brave Wuju 2022

Brave Wuju Synopsis and Plot Summary

To explore the secret behind the demise of his previous partner, line cop Wu Ju acknowledges a unique mission to turn into a spy in the forefronts of a perilous enemy of medication activity.

Wu Ju (Zhang Danfeng) joins a covert activity to retaliate for his friend in-arms who kicked the bucket in the counter medication crusade. He moves toward Qi Tian (Wang Xuan), the child of previous medication ruler Qi Tai (Mo Han), and gains his trust. Qi Tian accepts that Qi Tai’s previous subordinate Wan Yanbin (Hai Yitian) is the guilty party that killed his dad. Wu Ju assists Qi Tian with dodging Wan Yanbin’s interest and furthermore discovers that behind Wan Yanbin is a medication ruler known as “Specialist” who is the genuine brains of the criminal association.

Wu Ju makes it into “Specialist’s” internal circle alongside Qi Tian yet he likewise turns into an objective for police criminal investigator A Ning (Yuan Yuxuan) who doesn’t know that he is a secret cop. With his boldness and unprecedented insight, Wu Ju battles the absolute most horrendous homegrown and unfamiliar medication dealing bunches while encountering the trial of companionship, love and life until the time he can at last obliterate the medication cartel all at once.

Brave Wuju Cast

Andy Zhang as Wu Ju
Hai Yi Tian as Wan Yan Bin
Roger Kwok as Lin Jia Yu
Yuan Yu Xuan as An Ning
Li Nai Wen as Zhan Guo An
Huang Jun Peng as Kuang Jun
Leo Li as Zhao Ye Lei
Michelle Hu as Wang Yue
Cao Wei Yu as Zhang Xue Song
Li Chao as Zou Fei Yu
Wang Xuan as Qi Tian
Zhou De Hua as Huang Wei Hua
Wang Yong Quan as Old Ma
Yu Mei Yang as Lu Ting Ting
Li Jin Rong as Song
Jin Long as A Sha
Chen Zhuo as Hu Tian Bao
Yang Zi Hua as Old K
Zhao Liang as Old Hei
Cai Yuan Jiang as Yang Chao Yu

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