Bloody Path (2023)

Overall: Bloody Path is a Chinese Drama (2023). Bloody Path cast: Zhou Yong. Bloody Path Release Date: 2023. Bloody Path Episode: 1.

Bloody Path Detail

Drama: Bloody Path (2023)
Writer: Zhou Yong
Main Stars: Zhou Yong
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Also Known As: Liu Xie De Shi Tu, 流血的仕途, Bloody Path 2023

Bloody Path Synopsis and Plot Summary

An ordinary person Li Si, at thirty years old, didn’t actually have anything. He came to Qin alone, and he nearly kicked the bucket in the wake of going through difficulties. Afterward, by some coincidence, he at last became one of the 3,000 visitors of the Incomparable Qin State leader Lu Buwei.

During an excursion by Lord Qin, he took a chance with decapitating without consent, scolding Ruler Qin eye to eye, and was seen by Lord Qin from that point forward. Before very long, Li Si was requested by Lord Qin to work cautiously in the background, with a very relaxed way of life.

He subtly noticed the political circumstance at that point, and stood by to see, quietly helping the Ruler of Qin to isolate the six realms, cut powers, hold onto military power, alarm the faction, and push the adolescent to the highest point of force bit by bit.

Confronting the most remarkable manager ever, Qin Shihuang, and managing strong contenders like Lu Buwei and Lai, Li Si stayed under the radar, gathered power, and accidentally arose as the unequivocal figure of Da Qin!

Bloody Path Cast

Zhou Yong as Screenwriter

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