Blood League Millennium (2021)

Overall: Blood League Millennium is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Blood League Millennium cast: Jing Chao, Shen Meng Chen, Liu Xiao Qing. Blood League Millennium Release Date: 27 August 2021. Blood League Millennium Episodes: 42.

Blood League Millennium Detail

Drama: Blood League Millennium (2021)
Director: Zhang Rui
Main Stars: Jing Chao, Shen Meng Chen, Liu Xiao Qing
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 27 August 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 27 August 2021-2021
Also Known As: Xue Meng Qian Nian, 血盟千年, Blood League Millennium 2021

Blood League Millennium Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the early years of the Five Dynasties, the sector become in chaos. The Peng own family of Yiguan tribes in Jizhou, Jiangxi, unwilling to be burdened, was pressured to marry with the Mayan extended family of Changsha: Chu Xizhen, the head of Ma’s county, and Ms. Peng’s Qihua, the 2 women have been in Changsha and Jizhou mansion, each on the identical day.

The marriage agreement between Shichou and Miss Jiangxi must not be torn aside, and a sad tragedy has been opened when you consider that then. Peng Shichou changed into complete of poems and books and was famous everywhere in the global, however he struggled to interrupt free of the clans’ shackles. As Peng Shichao led the Jiangxi Peng clan to go into Xiangxi, ruled Xiangxi, and merged into Xiangxi, he labored tough to win 800 years of peace for the Tujias of Xiangxi and merged with the unification of the arena.

The drama is primarily based on historical events including the “Xizhou War” and “Xizhou Pillar Covenant” for the duration of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms length.

Blood League Millennium Cast

Jing Chao as Pen Shi Chou
Shen Meng Chen as Jiang Xi
Liu Xiao Qing as Chun Ba Chong
Pan Hong as Peng Mu
Liu Jia as Peng’s wife
Yu Ming Jia as Peng Qi Hua
Li Hong Tao as Ma Yin
Ailei Yu as Zhu You Si
Zhang Duo as Ma Xi Zhen
Gong Lei as Chinese Banker
Zheng Xiao Ning as Peng Gan
Liu Ya Jin as Li Hong Gao
Shen Jun Yi as Support Role
Rain Wang as Ma Xi Zhen
Jing Long as Tujia General Japanese Guest
Tong Hu as Ba Lie
Hou Wei Tao as Shi Gao
Yu Le Yi as Nineteen

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