Better Halves (2023)

Overall: Better Halves is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). Better Halves cast: Ren Hao, Snow Kong, Smile Hu. Better Halves Release Date: 2023. Better Halves Episodes: 25.

Better Halves Detail

Drama: Better Halves (2023)
Director: Xu Pei Shan
Writer: Ivan Ai
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Ren Hao, Snow Kong, Smile Hu
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 25
Also Known As: Ming Mei Shan Qu, 明媒善娶, Better Halves 2023

Better Halves Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shi Fa Ke, the spoiled little girl of an elegant family, longed for getting a charge out of life to the fullest with great food and shopping, however her mom firmly demanded her acquiring the family business.

Lu Chi was sent by the Ruler on a mysterious mission to research the influence behind the royal city, and assumes the pretense of a rich magnate to do the mission. At the point when these two meet Shi Fa Ke chooses to take on the matchmaking vocation just to play relational arranger for Lu Chi and consequently he vows to be her privately-owned company’s main visitor.

Shi Fa Ke centers around recovering the magnificence of “the world’s main intermediary” and through different promising and less promising times she and Lu Chi cooperated to tackle marriage issues and track down the treacherous guilty parties against the Sovereign.

Better Halves Cast

Ren Hao as Lu Chi

Snow Kong as Shi Fa Ke

Smile Hu as Ye Shi / Shi Luo

Yu Zi Yang as Support Role

Zheng Shu Huan as He Ke Tian

Tang Hao as Lu Chi Young

Dai Yi as Lord Zheng

Guan Yue as Lu Zhu Xi

Zhao Shun Ran as He Ke Cheng

Chen Zi Han as Matchmaker Deng

Kong Lian Shun as Shi Xian Xian

Zhao Pin Lin as Support Role

Liu Mei Tong as Support Role

He Feng Tian as Support Role

He Ming Han as Wu An Hou

Wang Zi Wei as Support Role

Li Chung Lin as Shi Chong Shan

Ma Qian Qian as Zhu Yan Yan

Su Meng Yun as Support Role

Meng En as Support Role

Qiao Jun Da as Support Role

Ever Wang as Support Role

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