A Year Without a Job (2022)

Overall: A Year Without a Job is a Chinese Drama (2022). A Year Without a Job cast: Jackie Li, Wan Peng, Zhai Zi Lu. A Year Without a Job Release Date: 11 April 2022. A Year Without a Job Episodes: 16.

A Year Without a Job Detail

Drama: A Year Without a Job (2022)
Network: Hunan TV
Main Stars: Jackie Li, Wan Peng, Zhai Zi Lu
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 April 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 11 April 2022-17 May 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: A Year With Freedom , Mei You Gong Zuo De Yi Nian , 沒有工作的一年, 没有工作的一年, A Year Without a Job 2022

A Year Without a Job Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows two modern ladies who deal with unemployment and common day-to-day struggles.

Da Yu meets Xiao Yu, a girl born in 1995 who has the same name and surname as herself. Xiao Yu had quit her process out of boredom and by coincidence, the two begin residing beneath the same roof.

During the 12 months that they may be jobless, Da Yu follows Xiao Yu’s lead in attempting new things. In flip, Xiao Yu additionally learns to plot things under the impact of Da Yu. They decide to return to the place of work all over again. Da Yu who is 30 hits a wall because of the stringent requirements in the corporate international and have to locate some other manner to transport forward. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu learns to attempt hard in preference to taking it easy and earns the appreciation of her superiors. In this way, Da Yu and Xiao Yu locate the which means of existence and work through every other.

A Year Without a Job Cast

Jackie Li as He Yu / Da Yu
Wan Peng as He Yu/ Xiao Yu
Zhai Zi Lu as Jin Cheng Wu
Li Shen as Song Ze Lin
Jiang Xue Ming as Li Ao
Zhu Rui as Ou Sha
Li Yan Man as Support Role
Xia Chen Xi as Qiao Fan
Xu Di as Da Yu’s mother
Liang Tian as Da Yu’s father
Li Ze Feng as Mr. Ye
Song Chun Li as Song Ze Lin’s mother
Wang Lu as Xiong Le Sheng
Li Xin Yi as Mu Mu
Ning Wen Tong as Xiao Yu’s father
Kang Qun Zhi as Jin Cheng Wu’s mother
Ke Yu as Fei Fei
Li Yu Yang as Sun Le Le
Li Ming Yu as Mr. Shen
Zhang Zi Han as Bank Debt Collection Specialist
Jin Tian Yu as Antique stall owner
Guo Yong Zhen as Property manager
Li Hong Lei as Mr. Liu
Yang Zhe as Lead inspector
Leng Hai Ming as Mr. Zhang
Hu Bo as Sun Le Le’s husband
Xu Sheng as Manager Wang

A Year Without a Job Trailer

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