A Love Never Lost (2022)

Overall: A Love Never Lost is a Chinese Action, Drama (2022). A Love Never Lost cast: Li Xian, Jessie Li, Wei Da Xun. A Love Never Lost Release Date: 18 July 2022. A Love Never Lost Episodes: 40.

A Love Never Lost Detail

Drama: The Heart of Genius (2022)
Network: Dragon TV
Director: Wang Wei
Writer: Jiang Qi Tao
Main Stars: Li Xian, Jessie Li, Wei Da Xun
Country: China
Genres: Action, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 July 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Ren sheng ru ruo chu jian, 人生若如初见, A Love Never Lost 2022

A Love Never Lost Synopsis and Plot Summary

After the Gengzi Realm changed, the place that is known for China was crushed, and youngsters with desires ascended to save their country. Blue-blooded youth Liang Xiang, progressive party Yang Kai Zhi, and Beiyang Wuyou Gatekeeper Li Ren Jun turned into the primary group of moderate youngsters who went to Japan to learn at a non-charged official’s school. They met progressive exiles Yu Tian Bai and Qiu Hong on a journey transport. From that point forward, the five individuals have been portentously connected.

Different philosophical bundles in Tokyo have struck, and they framed equity, sought after adoration, and attempted to rejuvenate China. Subsequent to getting back to China, Liang Xiang had aspirations to investigate the method for thriving the nation and reinforce the military, yet was caught in the whirlpool of force, brimming with energy and no place to show, lastly perceived the pattern of the times and rose in isolation.

Kai Zhi’s fight in Yanji crushed the self-importance of Japanese government and was hailed as “the legend of the boundary protection.”
The progressive party, the established group, and the Beiyang group kept on contending. During the Insurgency of 1911, the progressive loyalists took on horrendous conflicts and toppled the old request that had existed for millennia. Motivated by the recent fad of thought, Qiu Hong, Yang Yi Fan, and others perceived the main way out for the Chinese country in the promising and less promising times and kept on following the progressive street of renewing China and restoring the country.

A Love Never Lost Cast

Li Xian as Liang Xiang / Yu Bu Gu
Jessie Li as Qiu Hong
Wei Da Xun as Yang Kai Zhi
Zhou You as Li Ren Jun
Zhu Ya Wen as Yu Tian Bai
Wang Zhen as Duo Mei
Wu Yue as Support Role
Niu Jun Feng as Support Role
Hou Yong as Support Role
Zhou Zhi as Support Role
Ying Zi as Support Role
Mikan Ryu as Support Role
Kira Shi as Support Role
Zhao Cheng Shun as Support Role
Jiang Meng Jie as Support Role
Huo Qing as Support Role
Han Ming Lin as Support Role
Wang Jian as General Xu
Jiang Han as Support Role
Liu Min Tao as Guest Role
Zhou Yi Wei as Guest Role
Qiao Zhen Yu as Guest Role
Hou Wei Tao as Soldier

A Love Never Lost Trailer

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