A Dream of Splendor (2022)

Overall: A Dream of Splendor is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). A Dream of Splendor cast: Crystal Liu, Chen Xiao, Ada Liu. A Dream of Splendor Release Date: 2 June 2022. A Dream of Splendor Episodes: 40.

A Dream of Splendor Detail

Drama: A Dream of Splendor (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Yang Yang
Writer: Zhang Wei
Main Stars: Crystal Liu, Chen Xiao, Ada Liu
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2 June 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 2 June 2022-3 July 2022
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Bian Liang Meng Hua Tu , 汴京梦华图 , Meng Hua Lu , Record of Dreams and Blossoms, 梦华录, A Dream of Splendor 2022

A Dream of Splendor Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhao Pan Er, who opened a tea keep in Hangzhou, in the end obtained the good news that her fiance Ouyang Xu turned into in Beijing High School, but changed into deserted. Unwilling to just accept her destiny, she vowed to go to Beijing to are looking for justice. On the manner to Beijing, she needed to rush to rescue her precise sister, Song Yin Zhang, who was cheated on marriage and changed into abused. At the same time, she additionally stored Sun San Niang, who had unluckily attempted to devote suicide because of her married lifestyles.

When Ouyang Xu learned that Zhao Pan Er had come to the capital and came to the door, he controlled to force her out of Bianjing. Zhao Pan Er, Song Yin Zhang, and Sun San Niang decided to live in Bianjing, counting on their personal potential to make a fortune. After experiencing difficulties and numerous tribulations, the 3 sisters ultimately controlled the small teahouse into the largest eating place in Bianjing. After an laborious warfare, Zhao Pan Er noticed greater surroundings, and also solved the obsession with hating Ouyang Xu, and on the identical time opened a door of same salvation for the common-or-garden women in ancient instances.

A Dream of Splendor Cast

Crystal Liu as Zhao Pan Er
Chen Xiao as Gu Qian Fan
Ada Liu as Sun San Niang
Jelly Lin as Song Yin Zhang
Xu Hai Qiao as Ouyang Xu
Zhang Xiao Qian as Du Chang Feng
Dai Xu as Chi Ya Nei
Guan Yun Peng as Chen Lian
Wang Luo Yong as Xiao Qin Yan
Bao Jian Feng as Emperor
Daisy Li as Ge Zhao Di
Sun Zu Jun as Shen Ru Zhuo
Jia Nai as Zhang Hao Hao
Li Sheng Jia as Xiao Wei
Liu Ke Jun as Queen
Zhang Xiang as Zhou She
Hu Yu Xuan as He Si
Yao An Lian as Qi Mu
Du Yu Ming as Lei Jing
Lu Yong as Ke Zheng
Liu Ya Jin as Yuan Tun Tian
Marco Chen as Zheng Qing Tian
Yin Zhu Sheng as Gao Hu
Su Yu Jie as Lao Jia
Yao Wei Ping as Lin San Si
Guo Jin Jie as Fu Xin Gui

Liu Wei as Zhuo Shi
Guo Jin Jie as Fu Xin Gui
Liu Wei as Zhuo Shi
Rachel Yu as Yin Ping
Zhu Hui as Uncle De
Marco Chang as Commander Cui
Cao Ming Hua as Butler Xiao
Claire Jia as Gao Hui
Na Gwang Hoon as Wang Feng
Bi Han Wen as Wei Wei
Han Yuan Qi as Fu Zi Fang
Guo Zi Ming as Xiao Dao Tong
Cao Zan as Lv Wu
Liao Wang as Kong Wu
Cheng Guo Dong as Shopkeeper Hu
Qin Yue as Mrs. Yang
Shen Xue Wei as Jiang Zhi Xuan
Ru Tian as Mother Ge
Hu Xi Fan as Xu Shi
Guo Peng as Jiang Pan
Chen Shang Jun as Sun Li
Huang Wen Hao as Treasurer Yuan
Zhou Jie as Judge of Huang Yuan
Sun De Yuan as Treasurer
Li Shuai as Governor of Yelv
Gao Chang Yuan as Officer Yu Zhong Quan

A Dream of Splendor Trailer

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