199 Love (2023)

Overall: 199 Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). 199 Love cast: Yang Zi, Fan Cheng Cheng, Jin Shi Jia. 199 Love Release Date: 2023. 199 Love Episodes: 36.

199 Love Detail

Drama: 199 Love (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Niu Chao
Main Stars: Yang Zi, Fan Cheng Cheng, Jin Shi Jia
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: 199 Love Stories of Our Youth , My Love in Seventeen , Who Do You Like at Seventeen? , 199 Ai , Yi Jiu Jiu Ai , Shi Qi Sui Ni Xi Huan Shei , 十七岁你喜欢谁 , 199愛 , 十七歲你喜歡誰 , Stories of Our Youth, 199爱, 199 Love 2023

199 Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story spins around six lifelong companions who all live in a similar area, depend on and help each other all through their hardest times.

This is the family region of an aviation city in the north, and it is likewise the home where Jiang Yi, Huang Ying Zi, Tooth Ming Yu, Lan Yi Fei, Zhuang Yuan, and Guan Chao were conceived and grew up. They call themselves ‘The Space City Six’. This is where they spent their entire adolescence together however destiny has lead to them happening in their own different ways when they had arrived at the age of 17.

Numerous years after the fact the companions rejoin at a wedding all having made a progress in their vocations of some kind or another, yet each concealing the scars from before. For what reason did Jiang Yi vanish in those days? For what reason did Guan Chao surrender his fantasy and become a PE educator? Is Ying Zi truly as blissful as she appears? Has Zhuang Yuan truly picked the correct way in his vocation?

What befell Yi Fei who had vanished after graduation? Has Ming Yu at last found the adoration that she wanted? Yet, the main inquiry of all that not a solitary one of them thought for even a second to reply in those days and even at this point. ‘Who did you like at 17 years old?’

After numerous years, can the “Space City Six” reunite once more? Times change, however sentiments don’t change. Seven years more seasoned might be the start, however thirty isn’t the end. Whether it’s partition, experience, disappointment or achievement, this kinship is the most valued feeling in their souls and the most impressive power that upholds them.

199 Love Cast

Yang Zi as Huang Ying Zi

Fan Cheng Cheng as Jiang Yi

Jin Shi Jia as Main Role

Lan Ying Ying as Main Role

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